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A Chicago mom-preneur who started a Home Staging business over a decade ago when no one knew what it was. Innovator and forward thinker she founded her staging business based on the fact that her clients initial investment in home staging would be less than their first price reduction. NOW, she is all encompassing, your one stop real estate shop.  

Home with Keki was only the beginning.

Where It All Began

As Keki began growing her staging client base she ventured out into social media to create an online portfolio while sharing her crazy busy world as a hockey mom of 3 for all to see.

She never expected the blog and social media presence to grow as it did; but in true Keki fashion she embraced it all, knowing she could share her home staging tips, business tips and more while connecting with women, moms, renters, homeowners, DIY'ers from around the globe.    

Keki’s passion for design and professional training in the home staging, created a winning combination. Since 2008, Keki has been Staging Chicago and its North Shore with outstanding results, maker her on of Chicago’s Top Home Stagers. It is her unique understanding of what buyers want her her interior marketing approach that has led her to have over $250 Million in Staged to Sold properties. 

As one of the leading home stagers, Keki has offered full home staging consults with project management. Getting her clients occupied properties ready to market and sell. Keki treats each of her staged properties as if it is her own, and her clients like family. Taking care of the hand-holding, interior details and stress.

After a decade, Keki knew there was no better time than the present, during a global pandemic, to finally take her career to the next level and expand her business by getting her Real Estate License. For the sole purpose of continuing the relationships with her clients, getting them from staged to the closing table. 

Keki will give your home the same dedication she gives her own, every step of the way, from staging to sold. 

Founder of Home with Keki & Broker

Keki Cannon

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Founder & CEO

Ally Mason

Innovation is Powerful

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. Being different is what makes a person (or a home) UNFORGETTABLE." 

In people over profit

we believe

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what I value


Born in Chicago Keki moved to Wilmette at the age of 10. With a love for travel, cultures, and building connections, Keki not only lived a year abroad in Chile, she was part of the first group of university students to travel and study in Cuba. After receiving her Masters at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Keki met her now husband, a Wilmettonian as well, and settled in Lincoln Park before moving back to Wilmette to raise her family. All the while, maintaining her connections she has made world wide.  


Cultivating relationships is key to Keki's marketing strategy. Whether it is with clients, friends, family, or business partners, she is always and intentionally providing positive value to cultivate long term connections.  


Keki was able to build a large social media presence plus relationships with brands, business owners and influencers world wide because of her firm belief in collaboration. TOGETHER the possibilities are endless and it is women TOGETHER OVER competition that she knows will bring the best results to her clients. 

So, let's collab →


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